A Message from the Town Board

A message from the Town Board:
First Responders and Medical Professionals: Running Towards the Danger – We Thank You!

From: Jennifer Baney, Tom Digati, Mike Madigan, Pete Marston and John Whitney (GI Town Board)

Reminiscent of 9/11, our first responders and medical professionals on the Island are risking a lot (themselves) to save a lot (save others). The Town of Grand Island thanks these remarkable and heroic individuals that are truly selfless.

It is human nature to avoid life threatening risks – especially those hidden or silent risks that can be brought home to their own family. Our first responders and medical professionals are right there on the front line doing just that. 

As an example, The Grand Island Fire Department responded to eight calls Friday, March 27th (the first call being at five in the morning and the last at near midnight). At a time when our residents are being asked to stay at home to prevent getting sick, our volunteers, following a stringent protocol that mitigates risk, are entering homes to help people that are sick or injured, including patients suspected of having Covid-19. Similar heroic acts are being performed by the ambulance crews, doctors and nurses who are on the front lines against this virus, many of which are Island residents.

Our entire community has stepped up in this challenging time. The outpouring of people throughout our community who are volunteering to help the most vulnerable amongst us is truly remarkable.  

Neighbors are checking on neighbors, making certain they are okay and giving them support by shopping for and providing food. Many have organized, with support from the town and our schools, delivering meals and groceries to those who need this assistance. Others have supported our hardest hit businesses, such as our restaurants, by ordering out and providing them a financial lifeline that is much needed. 

A truly heartfelt thanks to all of you for pulling together as a community. Your efforts are what make our community so fantastic and you are making our community and country safe and strong in this challenging time. You are truly great Americans. 

The next time you see one of these folks, from a safe distance of course, please thank them!

From the Desk of 
Town Supervisor John C. Whitney, P.E.


March 20, 2020

 Fellow Islanders:

In accordance with Governor Cuomo’s Executive Orders, the Town has reduced our staff to all but absolutely essential operations.  We have closed all the Public Buildings including Town Hall, Highway, Library, Golden Age Center and Recreation buildings.  With water bills being sent out, we’re asking that you mail a check or place one in the drop box located outside the lower level entrance to Town Hall.  On-line payment is another option.

We must remember that this virus is not to be taken lightly.  Please practice safe social distancing, wash your hands often, use hand sanitizer, wipe down surfaces with disinfecting wipes.  Work from home if possible and avoid large social gatherings.  In other words, please do everything possible to minimize the spread of this disease.

In these trying times, we need to try to stay positive.  Isolation can lead to depression.  If the weather allows, get outside, take a walk, go for a ride.  Make some phone calls, reach out to a friend or your neighbors.  We will get through this.  We can, we must.

Hopefully this will be over soon.  On a lighter note, Spring is here!

Stay Safe,
John C. Whitney, P.E.
Town Supervisor

(3/25/2020 TEXT)


Due to the ever changing circumstance and challenges that Covid-19 has presented, the Town Board of The Town of Grand Island has decided to postpone for one year the assessment update of 2020.  Informal discussions with our appraisal firm of Emminger Newton Pigeon & Magyar will not be necessary at this time.  All property owners can expect to receive a Change of Assessment notice on or about May 1.  

  We will continue to communicate information as we recieve it through the Town Website, specifically in the "Latest News" section of the home page.  Using this as the primary and first location for new information will ensure that everyone sees updates as we get them.