Public Hearings & Local Laws

Public Notice 

Notice of Bond Resolution: SSES Year 8
Notice of Bond Resolution: Bedell Road Interceptor
Notice of Bond Resolution: Pump Station 5
Notice of Bond Resolution: Pump Station 11

Notice of Bond Resolution: Town Hall HVAC Upgrades
Notice of Bond Resolution: Replacement Project Highway Garage
Notice of Bond Resolution: Veterans Park Improvement Project

Public Notice: Access road over the Town’s sewer pipeline easement at 1611 Whitehaven Road.

Notice of Bond Resolution: Improvement to various roads
Notice of Bond Resolution:Water System Capital Improvements
Notice of Bond Resolution: Tank Replacement
Notice of Bond Resolution: Water Treatment Plant Upgrades


State Comptroller Audit Public Review

2019 Budget (click HERE for more information)

Public Hearings

Comprehensive Plan Public Hearing

August 19, 2019 at 8 p.m. 

OCPH- Pump Station 11
OCPH - Pump Station 5
OCPH 2019  SSES (Year 8)
OCPH - Bedell Road Intersection 

Local Law Intro #7: A local law amending the Town Zoning Code regarding principal uses on the same lot in the M-1 Zoning District. 

Resolution Granting Special Use Permit Application for a Bed & Breakfast at 2568 Oakfield Road, Grand Island, New York (the “Property”)

Past Public Hearings

Capital Improvements: Sewer Improvements
Water District Improvements

Preliminary Plat Approval of Island Meadows Subdivison

Special Use Permit: 2332 Stony Point
Special Use Permit: Solar Array Project

Comprehensive Plan: update to the Town's Comprehensive Master Plan
Public Nuisance: Huth Road tree

Local Law Intro #7 of 2018: mining overlay
Local Law Intro #5 of 2018: stop sign installation
Local Law Intro #2: rezoning SBL #:23.08-1-20.1
Local Law Intro #3 of 2018: stop sign installation
Local Law Intro #8: moratorium on multiple dwellings and major subdivisions