This is a preventative maintenance measure that we apply at the midpoint of a pavements lifespan that seals the existing asphalt with a latex polymer emulsion. Like NYS, Erie County and most towns in WNY, we have been using this product for many years and we only use it on roads that rate well for drive-ability but are rapidly drying out with the driving surface showing signs of cracking and crumbling. This micro-pave is admittedly ugly when it goes down, It takes time and heat from the sun and traffic to cure the emulsion. We resist the urge to bring the street sweeper out to clean up the residual stone and polymer that litter the surface because part of the process is that they will be absorbed back into the surface as the product heals itself. You will notice a marked improvement within the next month or two and in a year, you will love the driving surface. This product will keep your roads wear surface at a high level for many years to come.

We try to do 3 to 5 miles of this process a year along with similar mileage of our traditional paving methods. The initial appearance is always a concern with our affected residents but without fail these issues are always resolved when the product is given time to cure and heal itself. If you would like to see how the surface appearance changes, we did this process on East Park, Stony Point, Lasalle, Red Jacket, Hennepin last year.

This is what it looks like: