Grand Island Clean Up 2021 an Island-Wide Success  May 4, 2021

Grand Island Clean Up 2021 an Island-Wide Success:

On behalf of the Town of Grand Island and the Grand Island Chamber of Commerce, we would like to thank the many residents that joined their friends and neighbors who assisted in cleaning up litter throughout Grand Island. Both participation and the volume of garbage picked up by those involved in the event were nearly overwhelming. Many thanks to Pinto/Casella Waste Systems for their willingness to help us with quick and proper disposal.
It was incredibly exciting to see large portions of our town cleaned in such a swift and unified manner. Many expressed their desire to participate again, and in some cases, residents unable or unaware of the event have asked for another Island-wide clean up. To that end, we are announcing September 18th as a tentative date for a second clean up this year. Please mark your calendars accordingly and email if you would like to be updated regarding this event as the date gets closer.
Though the cleanliness of the Island is certainly rewarding enough, we did offer a few prizes, chosen at random, for those who participated. The Lindquist Family will receive a Highway Department vehicle parade past their home this summer, where the Grand Island Highway Department will showcase their fleet of vehicles at a date convenient for both parties. Again, Buffalo Niagara Waterkeepers was randomly chosen as this year's organization to receive a $50 gift card from Target.
We have also decided to provide recognition to ANY and ALL businesses (as well as organizations and families) for their participation in this event. Please email if we can provide you with a certificate honoring your hard work, and we will prepare a customized certificate for you, which will be available for pick up at Grand Island Town Hall on or after May 15th in The Town Hall Clerk's Office.
Again, thank you all for your participation. We are equally humbled and encouraged by the community unity on display during this event, and look forward to continuing to work together for the betterment of Grand Island!