Niagara Flow OiGong - Thursdays at 6pm in Town Commons

Niagara Flow OiGong - Thursday nights at 6pm in Town Commons, beginning May 27.

Niagara Flow QiGong is a developmental, individual abilities, trauma informed approach to self-care that integrates mindfulness and mindful movement to help develop mobility, flexibility and stability. Intended as an introduction to Qigong flows, basic Dao/Tao Yin yoga elements, and awareness of self-care practices, it is designed to ground and strengthen you physically, mentally, emotionally, and perhaps spiritually. This Qigong class is meant to empower you and give you strategies to access information and resources to help you create a path to wellness and healing that is just right for you.
Build strength, stability, flexibility, and better health through energizing and healing mindful movement that can reduce stress and improve your quality of life. All you need are comfortable clothes in which you can move freely and a willingness to explore your needs and growth.
(Blanket or beach towel recommended. Yoga mat optional.)
For more information, contact
Donna C. Kester Phillips, PhD
(716) 481-6990