Town Supervisor


Hello, from Supervisor Nate!

I am honored and proud to serve as the Supervisor of our beautiful Town! Grand Island is a place like no other, surrounded by water, green and lovely, at the heart of the world-famous Niagara River.  

I am committed to making Grand Island the premier community for families in Western New York. Let's work together to ensure our children feel safe and valued, our adults thrive in work and play, and our seniors are involved and respected .  

If you would like to share your ideas or concerns, or just say hello, please contact my office to set up an appointment by emailing my secretary, Emily Wynne, at:

Contact Info

Supervisor Nathan ("Nate") McMurray
Office: 716-773-9600 x 616
Cell : 716-328-7381

Secretary to the Supervisor 
Emily Wynne
Office: 716-773-9600 x 658   
Cell: 716-799-5972

The office is open 9-5 Monday-Friday.

The Supervisor holds office hours most Saturday mornings and througout the week. Please contact Emily to set up an appointment.

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