Alternative High-Speed Broadband Service Offering

The Town of Grand Island Technology Advisory Board promotes using technology to enhance its residents' lives. Greenlight Networks has emerged as an alternative Broadband Network Service provider. They provide fiber-to-the-home residential broadband services with speeds from 500MB per second up to and including 5GB per second. The service is currently not available on Grand Island. Greenlight is tracking interest in your neighborhood. Where and when they build is based on many factors including customer demand, cost, complexity of construction, and the number of easements and permits required. Our Board is willing to help work through some of the issues they may face to bring competitive broadband service to our community. The link below will take you to Greenlight Networks' home page where you can inquire about service availability at your address. As the interest in the new service offering increases on Grand Island, so is the likelihood that Greenlight will come to our Town. 

Greenlight Networks